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Arizona Cardinals
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/20/15DLCorey PetersAchillesOUTOut for season
08/17/15DBBrandon PersonKneeOUTOut for season
08/14/15WRMichael FloydFingersQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15TEJermaine GreshamBackPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15WRDamond PowellFaceNFINFI. Out indefinitely
Atlanta Falcons
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
09/01/15LBBrooks ReedGroinQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/25/15WRRoddy WhiteElbowQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
Baltimore Ravens
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/25/15RBLorenzo TaliaferroKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15WRBreshad PerrimanKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15TEAllen ReisnerAnkleDOUBTFULDoubtful for start of season
Buffalo Bills
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/17/15RBKarlos WilliamsUndisclosedQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15RBAnthony DixonCalfQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15RBLeSean McCoyHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15DBLeodis McKelvinAnkleNFINFI. Questionable for start of season
08/14/15WRSammy WatkinsHipQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
05/21/15DLMarcell DareusSuspensionSUSPEND1-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 2 vs. New England
Carolina Panthers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/20/15WRDevin FunchessHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/03/15DLStar LotuleleiFootQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
Team Carter All-Pros
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
No Injuries Reported
Chicago Bears
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/24/15DLJeremiah RatliffSuspensionSUSPEND3-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 4 vs. Oakland
08/18/15WRAlshon JefferyCalfPROBABLEProbable for start of season
Cincinnati Bengals
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
No Injuries Reported
Cleveland Browns
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/26/15QBJohnny ManzielElbowQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/16/15QBConnor ShawThumbDOUBTFULOut for preseason. Doubtful for start of regular season
08/14/15WRDwayne BoweHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15RBDuke JohnsonHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/06/15LBBarkevious MingoKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
04/30/15WRJosh GordonSuspensionSUSPENDSuspended indefinitely
Dallas Cowboys
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
09/01/15LBMark NzeochaKneeNFINFI. Out until at least early November
08/16/15DBByron JonesArmPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15WRDez BryantHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15RBLance DunbarAnklePROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/10/15DLGreg HardySuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 vs. New England
07/02/15LBRolando McClainSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 vs. New England
Denver Broncos
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/27/15WREmmanuel SandersHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/24/15DLDerek WolfeSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 at Oakland
05/09/15TEJeff HeuermanKneeOUTOut for season
Detroit Lions
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/25/15LBKyle Van NoyUndisclosedDOUBTFULDoubtful for start of season
Green Bay Packers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/27/15DLLetroy GuionSuspensionSUSPEND3-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 4 at San Francisco
07/02/15DLDatone JonesSuspensionSUSPEND1-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 2 vs. Seattle
Houston Texans
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/14/15RBArian FosterGroinDOUBTFULDoubtful for start of season. Might be placed on short-term IR
Indianapolis Colts
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/31/15WRT.Y. HiltonConcussionQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15WRDonte MoncriefGroinPROBABLEProbable for start of season
Team Irvin All-Pros
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
No Injuries Reported
Jacksonville Jaguars
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
09/01/15TEJulius ThomasHandDOUBTFULDoubtful for start of season. Might be out until Week 4 at Indianapolis
08/15/15DBJohnathan CyprienFingerPROBABLEOut for preseason. Probable for start of regular season
08/14/15WRMarqise LeeHamstringQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15RBT.J. YeldonFingerPROBABLEProbable for start of season
05/09/15LBDante FowlerKneeOUTOut for season
04/30/15WRJustin BlackmonSuspensionSUSPENDSuspended indefinitely
Kansas City Chiefs
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
09/01/15QBTyler BrayUndisclosedNFINFI. Out until at least early November
09/01/15TETravis KelceAnkleQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
07/28/15DLDontari PoeBackQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
07/24/15DBSean SmithSuspensionSUSPEND3-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 4 at Cincinnati
Miami Dolphins
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/19/15WRDeVante ParkerFootQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15DLDion JordanSuspensionSUSPENDSuspended for 2015 season
Minnesota Vikings
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/14/15RBAdrian PetersonThighPROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/24/15DBJabari PriceSuspensionSUSPEND2-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 3 vs. San Diego
New England Patriots
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/25/15WRJulian EdelmanLegQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15QBTom BradySuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension under appeal. Eligible to return Week 6 at Indianapolis
08/14/15WRBrandon LaFellFootPROBABLEProbable for start of season
05/29/15RBLeGarrette BlountSuspensionSUSPEND1-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 2 at Buffalo
03/27/15LBDont'a HightowerShoulderQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
New Orleans Saints
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/15/15RBC.J. SpillerKneePROBABLEOut for preseason. Probable for start of regular season
08/14/15TEOrson CharlesSuspensionSUSPEND1-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 2 vs. Tampa Bay
New York Giants
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/27/15DBNat BerhecalfOUTOut for season
08/21/15WRVictor CruzKnee, calfPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/15/15DBMykkele ThompsonAchillesOUTOut for season
08/14/15WRRueben RandleKneePROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/07/15DLJason Pierre-PaulHandQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
New York Jets
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/18/15QBGeno SmithJawOUTOut until at least early October
08/14/15LBErin HendersonKneePROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/02/15DLSheldon RichardsonSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 6 vs. Washington
Oakland Raiders
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/19/15WRAndre HolmesHandDOUBTFULDoubtful for start of season
Philadelphia Eagles
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/27/15TEZach ErtzSports HerniaQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/25/15LBDeMeco RyansAchillesQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/21/15LBMarcus SmithHamstringQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/10/15DBJaCorey ShepherdKneeOUTOut for season
Pittsburgh Steelers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/31/15WRMartavis BryantSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 at San Diego
08/14/15RBLe'Veon BellSuspensionSUSPEND2-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 3 at St. Louis
San Diego Chargers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/14/15RBDonald BrownHipPROBABLEProbable for start of season
07/02/15TEAntonio GatesSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh
Seattle Seahawks
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
09/01/15RBRobert TurbinAnkleQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/18/15WRChris MatthewsShoulderQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
San Francisco 49ers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/31/15WRDeAndre SmelterUndisclosedNFINFI. Out until at least late October
08/18/15WRJerome SimpsonSuspensionSUSPEND6-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 7 vs. Seattle
07/31/15LBMichael WilhoiteLegNFINFI. Questionable for start of season
04/30/15RBKendall HunterKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
St. Louis Rams
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/31/15RBTre MasonHamstringQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/21/15WRIsiah FergusonKneeOUTOut for season
08/15/15LBDaren BatesKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15RBTodd GurleyKneeQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
05/29/15RBTrey WattsSuspensionSUSPEND4-game suspension. Eligible to return Week 5 at Green Bay
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/28/15WRMike EvansHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
Tennessee Titans
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/28/15RBDavid CobbCalfQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/25/15DBJason McCourtyGroinQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/14/15TEDelanie WalkerThumbPROBABLEProbable for start of season
Washington Redskins
DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
08/21/15QBRobert Griffin IIIConcussionPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/17/15WRJamison CrowderHamstringQUESTIONABLEQuestionable for start of season
08/16/15DBDeAngelo HallToePROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15WRDeSean JacksonShoulderPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/14/15RBSilas ReddKneeOUTOut for season.
08/14/15TEJordan ReedHamstringPROBABLEProbable for start of season
08/03/15DBTevin MitchelShoulderOUTLikely out for season
07/09/14DBTanard JacksonSuspensionSUSPENDSuspended indefinitely
Updated: Tue Sep 1 22:08:23 EDT 2015
Injury Categories
  • PUP - Physically Unable to Perform
  • IR - Injured Reserve
  • OUT - Definitely will not play
  • Doubtful - 75 percent chance will not play
  • Questionable - 50/50 chance of playing
  • Probable - Virtual certainty of playing

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