'It's not really home-field advantage playing here anymore,' Johnson previously said of Philadelphia and its fans. 'Really, that's the truth. Cats here, they really don't care.'
Tom Brady could be heard screaming 'Rex Ryan' at the line of scrimmage in his team's Monday night win over the Bills.
Two months ago, Big Ben injured his knee and Michael Vick was about to make his first start for the Steelers. Now, days ahead of the Steelers-Seahawks matchup, he's is running the scout team as Russell Wilson.
At 8-2, the Cardinals remain the No. 2 seed in the NFC, and more importantly, are playing with confidence as we head into December.
In retrospect, maybe the person running the Redskins' Twitter account was a tad hasty when they tried to claim that Carolina was 'Redskins country.'
Even with the Ravens win, they lose
Good news: the Broncos faced a 4th and 1 from the Broncos' 2-yard line and instead of settling for a field goal, they went for it. Bad news: what happened next.
Tony Romo's very first pass since a mid-September injuy was ... left-handed. Of course it was.
Despite the Redskins' turnaround from recent seasons of ineptitude, issues remain about the team name.
Like a young Elvis, the world is not ready for a hip-thrusting Carson Palmer.

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