The NFL has reportedly begun discussions about possibly moving Super Bowl XLIX if a controversial bill in Arizona becomes law.
If controversial bill SB 1062 is signed into law in Arizona, there are concerns that the NFL could move next February's Super Bowl out of Glendale, Ariz.
Pop star Justin Bieber and his crew were reportedly smoking pot during a chartered flight to Teterboro, N.J. It was so bad, pilots had to don oxygen masks.
Richard Sherman smacktalked Wes Welker during Super Bowl XLVIII.
Since Super Bowl XLVIII went off mostly without a hitch, other cold-weather teams with outdoor stadiums will bid for -- and land -- the big game.
Russell Wilson has not forgotten your 2012 Seahawks draft grades, jerks.
PETA didn't appreciate the humor of Joe Namath's fur coat at the Super Bowl. In fact, the group called his "caveperson coat" the "real embarrassment on Sunday."
More than 700,000 fans were in downtown Seattle to welcome the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle. That holds for most of the parade-goers, anyway; one guy showed up wearing 49ers gear.
The massive storm that slammed the Northeast right after the Super Bowl proves that the NFL got lucky, so can we please kill all the talk about more cold-weather games?
It's easy to say the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks have found the new model for success, but teams (and fans) need to avoid knee-jerk reactions.

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