| 1487371541
Louis Riddick told ESPN radio him becoming the 49ers GM was close to happening.
| 1487371354
The 49ers announced the official signing of defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and eight others.
| 1487370815
The 49ers are reportedly eyeing John Benton to coach their offensive line.
| 1487367421
A look at Melvin Ingram, who could be the best pass rushing option available once free agency hits in March.
The 49ers remain on the hunt for their next franchise quarterback
| 1487351337
Shanahan: "The most important thing is to get a good player who's going to play for you for a long time."
Myles Garrett goes No. 1, two QBs get taken next and several contenders draft pass rushers
| 1487280799
Brandon Williams might become available in free agency, and he would certainly help the 49ers' run defense.
Romo will likely be on a team other than the Dallas Cowboys next season
| 1487266098
A look at some of the top quarterbacks who could be available in free agency (not named Kirk Cousins).

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